Remote area communications now a legal requirement for truck drivers

Background In 2011 a truck driver working alone died from heatstroke when he walked away from his bogged vehicle near Wiluna. In 2013/2014, WorkSafe will be conducting a campaign to raise awareness of the Coroner’s recommendations and to ensure compliance with legislative requirements related to truck drivers working alone.   Contributing factors The Occupational Safety and Health Act and Regulations require: The supply of clean, cool drinking water. That a means of.

Integrate your reverse camera monitor into rear view mirror

Integrate your reverse camera monitor into the rear view mirror Reverse cameras have for some time been fitted as standard equipment on trucks, buses and heavy duty mobile machinery. More recently they have become popular among owners of 4WDs and other modern motor vehicles who are concerned about protecting their families, young ones and property. One problem that has arisen as a result of their increasing use in light vehicles is where to mount the reverse camera’s.

Hands - free breakthrough

Hands-free breakthrough Now - a versatile kit that’s compatible with a whole lot of different mobile phone cradles... If you’re fed up with having to fit a new hands-free kit every time you change your phone, or have rental or fleet vehicles that have constantly changing drivers, you should take a close look at how the THB Bury universal kit can save you time, moneyand a great deal of frustration. The Bury System 8 features an instantly interchangeable cradle which allows multiple.
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