Satellite Communications

Satellite Communications - Image showing woman using satellite phoneDrawing on vast experience in the Mining and Construction industries, Octocom can design, supply, install and maintain an extensive range of satellite communications solutions to suit our customer’s unique operational requirements.

With satellite technology the only means of communication for many remote mine and construction sites, we pride ourselves on tailoring the most reliable and cost-effective satellite communications solution, so our customers can focus on their own business objectives.

Octocom is an independent, solutions-based supplier and as such is bound only to our customer and the goal to provide maximum return on their capital investment.

Some of the services we provide are:

  • GPON (Remote satellite communications and entertainment) – Satellite & digital TV, phone and Internet.
  • SCRIPT (Self-Contained Remote Internet & Phone Trailer)
  • Hand held and fixed satellite phones
  • Personal satellite tracking solutions

Click here for information on the Satellite Phone Subsidy Scheme.

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