Transport Communication

Vehicle Tracking - Image showing road train in motionWe understand that for those who spend endless hours on the road, reliable communications and vehicle tracking capabilities are vital. It keeps our clients in-touch and in control.

Octocom have been designing, supplying, installing and maintaining custom solutions for the truck and transport industry for almost 20 years. Using the latest technology, our team of specialist technicians can create tailored solutions to suit the specific communication needs of each of our clients.

Digital and Analogue Two Way Radio

As a mainstay of the transport industry for almost 20 years,  we can customise complete fleet radio solutions or simply repair and service existing radio systems.  Two way radio solutions include:

  • UHF CB radio
  • Commercial two way radio
  • PTT solutions
  • Fleet radio solutions

Satellite Communications

With satellite phones the lifeline for many drivers, the importance of reliable mobile communications cannot be overstated. Our team of experienced technicians can assess fleet communications and upgrade or install new equipment to suit our clients’ needs and budget. Satellite communications solutions include:

  • Hand-held and fixed satellite phones
  • In-truck entertainment (Satellite TV)

Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Managment

Utilising the latest technology, our vehicle tracking solutions provide clients with a detailed view of real-time activity. The fully-customised software and cutting edge vehicle tracking solutions deliver intelligence that can be utilised to improve fleet efficiency, productivity and safety. Vehicle tracking solutions include:

  • Live vehicle tracking
  • Satellite and/or Next G vehicle tracking
  • Asset and engine management
  • Detailed reporting (incident notification, fatigue management etc.)
  • Proximity-triggered alerts
  • Standard and industry-specific reports


With a reputation built on reliability, technical expertise and attention to detail, our team can service and maintain clients’ existing systems, as well as supply and install entirely new communication networks. Services include:

  • Onsite or workshop installations
  • Onsite or workshop Radio repairs
  • Warranty repairs
  • Programming and frequency spectrum changes
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Technical support