Hands – free breakthrough

22 Oct 2012

Hands-free breakthrough
Now – a versatile kit that’s compatible with a whole lot of different mobile phone cradles…
If you’re fed up with having to fit a new hands-free kit every time you change your phone, or have rental or fleet vehicles that have constantly changing drivers, you should take a close look at how the THB Bury universal kit can save you time, moneyand a great deal of frustration.

The Bury System 8 features an instantly interchangeable cradle which allows multiple drivers to use the same hands-free device in a vehicle without having to replace the entire kit.

Simply choose the cradle you need for your phone, clip it into the base vehicle kit and you’re ready to go.

There’s no need to buy complete kits for each vehicle – just the base kits and the cradles you need.

This is the only solution that allows you to make a hands-free kit compatible with other makes and models of mobile phone. There is no need to get an installer to fit a new car kit whenever you change your phone, saving you additional costs.

Being modular the THB is easily upgradeable. It provides improved reception and transmission performance when fittedwith an optional external antenna.

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