Integrate your reverse camera monitor into rear view mirror

22 Oct 2012

Integrate your reverse camera monitor into the rear view mirror
Reverse cameras have for some time been fitted as standard equipment on trucks, buses and heavy duty mobile machinery.

More recently they have become popular among owners of 4WDs and other modern motor vehicles who are concerned about protecting their families, young ones and property.

One problem that has arisen as a result of their increasing use in light vehicles is where to mount the reverse camera’s monitor.

Whereas this isn’t a problem in a big truck, dashboards in 4WDs and cars offer very little space for mounting a monitor. And even if there is some space, not many owners like the aesthetic effect of having a standalone monitor protruding from the dashboard.

Fortunately Nesa has come up with a number of choices suited to all types of vehicles.

For heavy machinery it supplies a camera with a monitor that can be mounted on a gymbal on the dash.

If you own a 4WD or car, Nesa has a monitor which can be integrated into the dash by being fitted in the slot occupied by the radio. This installation can incorporate the reverse camera monitor, a DVD/CD player, a radio and a satellite navigation device.

Where the radio is moulded into the dash this solution may not be desirable. Here, Nesa has developed a novel easy to install solution which can either replace your existing rear view mirror or be strapped onto it.

You can also incorporate a GPS device, giving you a reverse monitor with a factory fit look which has the additional feature of serving as a mirror and satellite navigation device.

Nesa’s factories are ISO9001 certified and their products come with a three year warranty.

To get a better idea of all the options available to you contact us at Octocom on 9353 3366.

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