RST 100 Fixed Satellite Phone

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RST 100 Fixed Satellite Phone


The Beam RST100 satellite phone has been designed to be used in fixed site, maritime and emergency service applications where permanently installed reliable communications services are required.


  • provides a reliable and cost-effective telephone or data service connection when a wired connection is not available, via the Iridium network—a satellite-based, wireless communications network.
  • allows the connection of standard telephone handsets and other telecommunications devices.
  • emulates the functionality of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).
  • includes two wire voice connections and a Hayes compatible modem, providing a serial socket for a computer, a socket for the connection of a plug-pack type mains power supply and a connection to an external antenna.
  • provides a serial control interface and audio input and outputs by way of the transceiver’s control and connection interface.

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